A Way Forward

Since 1972, The United Methodist Church has been divided over questions of human sexuality, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. How we are to be in relationship and ministry with LGBTQ persons has been passionately debated on both sides by people who are equally committed to their faith and biblical fidelity.

In 2016, General Conference, the decision-making body of The United Methodist Church, asked the Council of Bishops to lead in determining a way forward. The bishops created the Commission on a Way Forward to study our Book of Discipline and develop plans for how we could move together into the future. They also called a special General Conference for February 2019, during which those plans will be debated and voted. The outcome of that conference will very likely have profound impact on every congregation in our connection.

In preparation for the impact of General Conference, Rev. Call is calling all members and participants in Church of the Saviour to take part in a small group on A Way Forward. These groups, made up of 8-12 people, will discuss our identity as a congregation and how we can be in ministry with one another even when we disagree.

To be clear, this is not a forum to debate sexuality and we are not attempting to reach consensus. Rather, our conversations will help us prayerfully and thoughtfully prepare to respond to the outcome of General Conference. Throughout the coming months, please pray for our delegates, our bishops, and our church.