Disciple II:  Into the Word, Into the World
When: Wednesdays, 7-9 p.m. beginning September 14 for 32 weeks
Where: Room 225
Contact: The church office at office@chsaviour.org
Disciple II offers a deeper examination of Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts, emphasizing the rhythm of coming to God and going for God… approaching all experiences of life as opportunities for faithful witness and service.  This class will be led by Diane Kitson-Clark.

Race and Diversity Conversations
Dates, times, locations TBA
The growing diversity of our congregation creates the unique opportunity to live into deeper relationship. Come together to hear one another’s perspectives in a series of structured, honest conversations as we work to understand what it means to be a multicultural, multiethnic church. These conversations will be led by Brian Smart and Rev. Dianne Tobey Covault.

Midweek Opportunities

UpTown and DownTown Abbey:  Midweek lunchtime Bible studies where you are!

These studies look at the upcoming Scriptures for Sunday – we read, discuss, and learn together how the Scriptures apply to our daily lives at work and at home. DownTown Abbey meets at 12:10-1:00 on Tuesdays at 1511 North Marginal (on the water, next to Burke Airport, free parking). UpTown meets on Wednesdays at 12:10 at University Hospitals, in the BRB Cafe.  All are welcome. Contact Pastor Dianne at dianne.covault@gmail.com to get on the list for weekly updates

Sojourn Women’s Bible Study
When: 7:00 p.m. Mondays
Where: Room 121
Bible study and fellowship

Thursday Morning Men’s Study and Prayer
When: 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. Thursdays
Where: Parlor
Study of lectionary scriptures for men of all ages

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study
When: 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Thursdays
Where: Room 121
Bible study and fellowship

Man Talk
When: 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Thursday evenings
Where: Room 121
Bible study and life application as it pertains to men.

Friday Morning Women’s Bible Study
When: 9:15 a.m. Friday mornings during the academic year
Where: Room 161
Bible study and life application

Spiritual Fitness Prayer and Study Group
When: 8:15 a.m. Saturdays
Where: Room 121
Bible and book study

Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School classes at Church of the Saviour have a long history. Some classes have met each week for many years. Other classes are relatively new. Occasionally we offer special short courses. All of our classes welcome new members. No matter which worship service you attend, there is an adult class in which you may participate preceding or following worship.

May 2017 Adult Classes Program Calendar

When: 9:30 a.m. Sundays
Where: Room 225
Contact: Brad Withers at bradwithers@msn.com.
This class includes couples and singles who are young to middle age. Class members take turns leading the discussion which is based on a study book selected by the class.

Contemporary Disciples
When: 11 a.m. Sundays
Where: Calvary Hall
Contact: Eric Lewis at lewis_eric@yahoo.com
This Sunday school class includes young to middle-age couples and singles. Class members take turns leading the discussion based on a study book selected by the class.

When: 9:30 a.m. Sundays during the academic year
Where: Bethel Room
Contact: Rich Hiles at rhiles9098@aol.com
The Kingsley Sunday school class is comprised of young seniors, both singles and couples. In a lecture format followed by discussion, often with a guest speaker, they address topics of current interest from a Christian perspective.

Precepts for Living
When: 9:30 a.m. Sundays all year
Where: Room 121
Contact: Geri Williams at sisgeri@aol.com
This class is designed to be a witness through our learning and sharing of the Bible. This study enhances our ability to witness to others as we explore such themes as creation, justice, tradition, community, and the saving power of Jesus Christ.

When: 11:00 a.m. Sundays during the academic year
Where: Room 121
Contact: Bok Chew at bokchew@yahoo.com
A Sunday school class that seeks living in the Christian year while celebrating the seasons of the year, through weekly devotional readings following the lectionary guide and partaking in seasonal activities, as initiated by the group, for purposes of spiritual growth and fellowship.

When: 9:30 a.m. Sundays during the academic year
Where: Room 228
The Seekers Sunday school class is a traditional Bible study group. Long-time members and newcomers of all ages are invited to become part of the class, learning together, as they study God’s Holy Word, while sharing with and uplifting one another. We also have a great picnic in the summer and a lovely Christmas party.

Towers Wesley Fellowship
When: 9:30 a.m. Sundays during the academic year
Where: Room 122
Contact: Marty Bergman at marty.bergman@sbcglobal.net
Towers Wesley Fellowship adult Sunday school class features lively discussions on spiritual, theological, personal, and social issues, and speakers drawn from the class, other church members, Cleveland’s community leaders and social service groups. Topics typically focus on religion and current challenges facing society. Members are mostly senior couples and singles.