Goal 1:  To embrace the vision and ministry outlined by the Shared Ministry Team. 

  • Throughout the fall the team will be doing discovery and relationship building in East Cleveland so that we can create a narrative for our ministry there to present to COTS by the end of the year.  Will then invite COTS to get involved in specific service opportunities—perhaps a new incarnation of 90 x 90.


 Goal 2:   To respond to God’s call to discipleship.

  • Leadership Development team helping members identify gifts and the ways God is calling them, particularly those who have been less involved in the past.  Also having teams develop job descriptions to help nominating committee match people to specific ministries.
  • “School of Leadership” to be offered Jan. 5 – March 30 by Rev. Erik Marshall using in part the “Daring to Dream” curriculum.  Participants will learn how to develop a life mission statement that helps them fully commit to a God-directed lifestyle.

Goal 3:  To open ourselves to greater spiritual depth.

  • Introducing some significant quiet time for reflection during worship.
  • Big Tent will ask people to provide testimonies about their experience with going deeper spiritually and how they have done it.  Have also discussed book With as a possible Lenten study.
  • Group Life looking into ways to support home group studies.
  • Curt Campbell & Renee Leonard are sponsoring a forum after the church-wide dinner in November for young families who are just making decisions about how they and their kids are devoting their attention, time, and resources.
  • Advent Devotional Booklets will focus on the theme, “Finding Room at the Inn.”  The Advent sermon series will have that same theme.

Goal 4:  To continue our ministry and clarify our Long Range Plans (20/20 Vision) for Haiti and East Cleveland/Cleveland Heights.

  • Draft plan being developed by Long-Range Planning Committee and the Ministry Team Leaders.