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Youth Mission2013-07-17 14.31.01 Trip – Contact Curt Campbell at curt@chsaviour.org
This is the greatest week of the year, and probably the most important part of the COTS Youth ministry. Every summer, youth entering grades 8 and up, along with several awesome youth leaders, dedicate a week to working on the homes of those who are either physically or financially unable to do the work themselves. Nothing transforms lives like serving the Lord 24/7. The homeowners’ lives are impacted as they ask the question why a bunch of “kids” are having a great time sweating it out in the heat while they build wheelchair ramps, roof or paint houses, or clean up the yard. The answer? It’s great serving the Lord! Experiencing the joy of living solely for God is what changes our lives forever. We’ve traveled to southern Ohio several times with Jackson Area Ministries, and in 2008 worked with the United Methodist Relief Center in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

The COTS Café coffee machine for missions returns!

Word is out amongst the coffee lovers at Church of the Saviour that we have a beautiful new machine that makes great coffee while collecting funds for mission work.

Tom Sperl, the creator and anchor of this ministry, says, “A small group of us recently purchased another coffee machine for church.  As you probably know, this machine is unique.  Every penny used to buy a drink goes directly to others in a wide variety of ways.  All the products in the machine are donated by individuals at church.

Each mission goal is relatively small – maxed out at $500.  After that need is met, we move on to another.  My personal dream is to have a new mission need for EACH month – that would be a total of $6000 a year.”

As a reference, the other little machine over seven years raised over $23,000!  Tom hopes the new machine which offers more varieties and even better coffee will raise even more.

It is currently stocked with Starbucks beans which are ground fresh for each cup. The milk drinks (Latte and Cappuccino) are rich and frothy.  There is a DECAF option, too, that MAY get swapped out for hot chocolate.  There is even Black Tea!

Tom never wanted to be a vending machine maintenance man, but rather, an enabler of mission work.  So spread the word of the ministry aspect of this effort and enjoy some GREAT coffee.

Please email Tom at tsperl13@gmail.com with questions and mission suggestions.

Is there an idea for loving God or loving others that God is working on in your heart?