Our Staff


Curt Campbell, Director of Youth Ministries
Lydia Stephens, Director of Children’s Ministries
Brian Smart, Director of Emerging Ministries
Cris Hicks, Administrative Assistant
Debbie Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Jill Barr, Coordinator of Special Projects
Loretta Dahlstrom, Business Administrator
Penny Neisen, Properties Manager
Leslie Myers, Wedding Coordinator
Jill Barr, Newsletter Editor 

David Gilson, Director of Music
Robert Day, Organist

Building and Grounds
Yee Chy, Building Superintendent
John Austin, Custodian
Jon Cermak, Custodian
Leslie Myers, Custodian
Robert Campbell, Resident and Custodian

Lay Leadership
Shawn and Chris McCandless, Lay Leaders
Karen Lewis, Administrative Board Chair

Kathleen Szabo 216-321-8880, ext. 249

Loretta Dahlstrom, Webmaven