For 2018, the Finance Committee voted unanimously to engage in a Faith Giving Campaign, an approach to financial stewardship predicated on God’s abundant blessings rather than a church budget-based calculation of pledged giving. This is a significant departure from our typical practice, but one we believe is God-led and in keeping with our growth in faith.

Here is how this works:

• Your intention of giving is a covenant between you and God. Prayerfully consider how much you will commit to God’s work in the coming year. We encourage everyone to identify that amount as a percentage of your household income, striving to grow toward a tithe.

• Record your commitment, either as a percentage or as a dollar figure, or both, on the performated estimate of giving card you received in the mail. (If you did not receive a card, or have misplaced it, please contact Loretta Dahlstrom at One side is for your records, the other is for you to return to the church.

• Seal the “return” portion of the card in the envelope provided and record your name on the envelope.

• Bring your envelope with you to worship on Sunday, November 26, where we will dedicate our intentions to God in worship. Or, return it by mail and we will place it on the altar for you that day. Envelopes will remain sealed. There will be no knowledge of nor recording of your pledge amount by the church.

• We will return your sealed envelope containing your giving card to you mid-way through 2018 along with your giving statement so you can review your progress. At no point will anyone from the church open your envelopes or read your card. What is listed there is a commitment between you and God.

Please spend time in prayer and reflection about your giving for the coming year, and make a commitment based on how God is leading you. Also pray for our church and for the opportunities God will present to us in the coming weeks and months, that God’s abundance will be met by our abundance in return.